Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mom and Dad "Tweaked"

After studying yesterday's completed drawing I saw areas that needed a bit more work ...
hopefully I won't find more areas or this picture may just never be completed!


  1. Hi Karen Anne, I was really trying to look at both pictures together. For me it looks more darker and richer. The faces and details pop more. I think it's perfect ;o)
    Did you get my comment on your first post? I did comment ;o)
    Big Hugs and I hope everything is well ;o)

  2. Hey Stacy ... I have been negligent about in getting to everything lately ... sorry! I did get your first comment! I did darken this in spots, in fact I have even done some more minor changes and it even looks better.

    today I was out looking for a matte & frame ... right now the picture area measure 8.5" x about 6" ... a really odd size. I should have thought about size before I started! LOL! Guess I'll have to pop over to Michael's one day and have a special matte made for it...

    Big hugs and happy day!

  3. Hey Karen Anne, Michael's is having a framing special on this week. I think it's 50% off! But, I am pretty sure it ends on friday! Good luck ;o)

  4. Hey, thanks for the heads up about Michael's Stacy! I'll check it out!


  5. A beautiful portrait! I think you captured them perfectly. :)


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