Saturday, June 23, 2012

Celebrate Oz Party on July 19th at Oma Linda's Blog!

If you would like to join in on the fun of the Celebrate Oz Party at Oma Linda's blog ... here is a link where you can sign up:

During the time from now until then I am creating a new series of ACEO's as part of my Celebrate Oz ....

Wonder who these eyes could belong to ??????

Time will reveal all ....... on the 19th of July ....

Happy day all my little pretties!
Karen Anne


  1. Haha, those flying monkeys are everywhere ♥ Creepy critters.
    See you at the party!

  2. LOL! They certainly are!!!! (You are a very accurate guesser! <3)

    Looking forward to the party ... it'll be my first ever blog party!

    I thought the party was on 6/19 and I was rushing to get things done ... only had two Oz ACEO's ready ... now I am up to 10! Gonna have some fun prizes over at this neck of the woods!

    Watch for more "eyes" in the weeks to come before 7/19 ... this is fun!

  3. Hey Karen Anne ;o) I have just turned my computer on for the first time at the hotel! Having a great time and so is mom ;o) Can't wait to party with you my friend ;o) xoxoxo

  4. Hey Stacy! That is wonderful, I am delighted for you and your Mom!

    It will be a fun party, my friend ... I am most anxious to trot down the yellow brick road and partay my way into Celebrate Oz times!

    Big hugs!


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