Friday, May 18, 2012

Two new "Peep" Art Cards

I'm just posting the faces of the cards .... they speak from themselves! 

We heard from our granddaughter on Sunday, she was really homesick and kinda down in the dumps.  I'm sure she is suffering from military culture shock and she just needed to hear familiar voices.   Training Camp is a LOT different than Summer Camp! 

On a whole, she is doing quite well and really likes her "Rack Mates".  They are being well fed, and kept busy from AM to PM with nary a wasted minute in between!  She really likes her "PeeP" cards and was regretful that she had extremely limited personal time to respond; we assured her we understood and that the "PeeP" attacks would a keep on a comin'!  I'm trying to send her one a day ... at the very least, one every two days....

Happy Day my friends,
Karen Anne


  1. Karen Anne, your dog has his own carriage?? Too funny! Love the cards! They would bring a smile to my face! "Wooden you know, it's a ducky ride!" LOL! These are fantastic! I am sorry to hear your granddaughter is feeling homesick! It's understandable! I know I would be! It's great, she has such a terrific family ;o)
    Karen Anne, I couldn't believe all those diamonds you were talking about on my blog! I thought I talked to Saint Anthony a lot! LOL!
    Take Care and Big Hugs ;o)

  2. LOL! Yep, my Danny Boy has his own carriage! We originally purchased it so that we could take him into stores etc. while on vacation. I'm always afraid to leave the little guy alone in the car. However, it has turned into his "Mama Perch" when I am working on a piece of art or at the computer; he always wants to be as close to me as possible and the floor just didn't cut it for him. NO, he is NOT a little spoiled ... he is a LOT spoiled! LOL!

    Darien is only 19 and this is truly her first long term time away from home. On a whole, she is handling it quite well ... but everyone has those "blue" days every once in awhile...

    St. Anthony and St. Jude are HIGH on our lists! We usually pray to both of them in times of "Lost" treasures .... They are a good team to have on one's side!

  3. It's so nice of Danny Boy to share his carriage with a peep! No sure by his expression if he is happy or not, LOL!

    I'm sure these cards perk up your granddaughter and put a smile on her face.

  4. Right on Debbie! Danny Boy doesn't like to share his carriage with anyone, let alone that dang PeeP!

    She did say that she likes them ... never knows what to expect when she receives our little "PeeP" messages from home!

  5. LOL! I still can't believe he has his own carriage! LOL ;o)

  6. Believe it! He does! AND he loves it! ;o)


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