Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beach Scene WIP - Day 6

I was off to a slow start today ... primarily because I was afraid of the sand and how to do it.  So while I was thinking about how to attack the sand I completed the sand dollar leaning against the log.  One of the extra shells I wanted to eliminate kept showing up as a ghost in the sand and I couldn't seem to find a way to color over it without the initial pencil indentations showing through ... so I gave into the shell and put him back into the illustration.  Shell won that round!

I finally decided, Oh Heck!  blending and stippling for the sand just isn't working so I took my goldenrod Prismacolor Verithin pencil and using the side of the lead began making squiggly marks in varying depth of color ... it seems to be giving me the effect I was seeking!  Yes!  I have now laid a base of squiggly golden rod over the entire sand area, I think I am off to a good start there.  I needed to begin the coloring of the sand pail because I kept getting the sand color into the bucket's "space" .... he felt he was loosing ground to the sand and asked that I at least give him a color primer.  He is much happier now ....

You know when you are getting too involved in a drawing when you began to feel empathy for the objects and they begin telling you what they want done!

Til tomorrow - Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. I love the way this piece is coming to see WIP!

  2. Thanks Deborah ... delighted to hear that you like WIPs as well! Happy day!

  3. Looking AWESOME! I think you should do a slideshow Like you suggested I'd love to see the face & work develop like that!

  4. Thank you for your encouragement and support Shelle! I plan to make a slideshow video anyway, just wasn't sure if I should post it on "29 Faces in May". Actually the slideshow will have a lot more pictures of the progress because I am scanning each new addition to the picture as I progress. In this blog I am only posting "Day's End" progress. I'm trying to make it more of a time lapse slideshow video.

    I would have loved to participate in the "29 Faces in May" project but any extra time I have is spent working on this illustration.

    Happy day, Shelle!

  5. Stunning!!!! It's coming along so beautiful Karen Anne! I love the feathers ;o) Hope everything is well ;o) Hugs ;o)

  6. I forgot to say, the sand dollar is really pretty!

  7. Thanks Stacy, I am happy you are liking the progress ... slow but steady ... kinda like my 87 Ford Econoline! LOL!

  8. I enjoy your beach scene and shells, I think you made some in your 75 day challenge. This one is lovely.

    The weather is in the high 80s, threatening rain for days and finally today we had a shower for about an hour. Sorry you are having so much rain. Maybe that will be good for the gardens.

  9. You are right Gloria, I did do some of the same shells in the "75 Day Sketch Challenge"!

    Well, one thing for certain ... the weeds really love the rain!


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