Friday, May 11, 2012

The Traveling "Peep"

Our eldest granddaughter recently left for the Navy Recruit Training Center ... Yep!  She is a "New Recruit"!  She likes her decision to join and we are very proud of our young lady!

Over the years, she and her Papa (my Jim) have had this ongoing thing about "Peeps" (you know, the sugary marshmallows that show up every where at any holiday) ... years ago, she LOVED her Peeps!  However, her culinary tastes have developed and she doesn't appreciate these little sugary gems as she did in the past.

Now Papa still insists that she loves them and makes sure to shower her with "Peeps" at any opportunity he can .... being a loving granddaughter, she always accepts them with grace and dignity.   Prior to shipping out for training camp, Papa again showered the little dear with boxes and boxes and boxes of "Peeps".   Again, being a lady, she graciously accepted.  But, she had a sad announcement for Papa ... unfortunately, the Navy forbids any food being sent to their new recruits while they are in training.  Papa was very sad, he wouldn't be able to mail her any "Peeps".

Never the less, Papa is a very creative and imaginative individual and he figured out a way to skirt the "No Food Allowed" issue.  He could still "Peep" her with "Peep Art Cards" and a traveling "Peepresentative"!   Now he will be able to shower her with paper "Peeps"!  He is happy and so is our new little Sailor!  (As much as she dislikes the sugary delights, she would be terribly disappointed if she did not receive any Papa "Peeps".)

At Papa's request, Mema (me) set about creating a "Traveling Peep" that will go with us on all of our trips, mow our lawn and partake in many, many other activities; which we will then share with her via "Peep Art Cards".    Needless to say, I spent most of the day sewing and stuffing our new "Traveling Peep" whose picture follows here:

and this is the card that we created to send to our "New Recruit" ... isn't just too cute?

Don't you just love the strange bond between grandparents and their grandchildren?????

Happy day all,
Karen Anne


  1. Hey Karen Anne ;o) I am sorry, I am behind in blog land and trying to catch up! I am so thankful I didn't miss this post!! This is so cute!!! I love this!!! You and your hubby are so creative! Your granddaughter is lucky to have you both!!! I can't wait to see more pictures!! I love this purple traveling peep and I can't wait to see where she goes ;o) You did a great job making her Karen Anne! Congrats to your granddaughter joining the Navy! I wish her all the best! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Hey Stacy! Never worry about being behind in blogland with me ... I completely understand!

    I'm delighted that you like our "Traveling Purple Peep"! I was going to take pics of her today helping out my son and his kids clean up our yard (Mother's Day gift from them!) but I ran out of camera batteries! Alas! Need to put them on the shopping list so that I don't miss more photo ops! LOL!

  3. Oh, this is a fun thing to do! (I'm like Stacy, trying to catch up.) Your geranium is big and beautiful, too.

  4. Thanks Gloria! The geranium was a "Mother's Day" gift from my hubby ... I just LUV it! I have it in front of my living room window so I can see it every time I pass by the window!

  5. I love the purple peep, and this is such a creative, loving way to stay in touch with your granddaughter!

  6. Thanks Debbie! It is a fun thing and I know she will really enjoy receiving these funky "Peep" notes from Papa and Mema!


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