Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beach Scene WIP - Day 8

I'm finished with the sand area of the scene for now, will probably add more shading once the little girl is finished.  Tomorrow I hope to begin work on her clothing and hands, I am planning to save the face and hair for the last segments of this WIP.

Company for dinner tonight so this will have to be as far as I go today!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. Hey Karen Anne ;o) Hope you had a fun time with your company ;o) The sand area is so rich in color! Fantastic! Can't wait to see this one done! Take Care ;o)

  2. Hi Stacy! We did have a grand time ... I made Ham Reuben Sandwiches ... I found a recipe on the back of "Boar's Head" Sauerkraut that tells you to mix the 1,000 Island dressing directly in the drained sauerkraut ... course they call for 2 TBS ... but that is not nearly enough ... I add enough until it looks like crab salad ...

    Anyway, it is really good mixing those two ingredients together before putting them on the sandwich and grilling it.

    Jim thinks the sand is a bit too rich in color ... so once I am done with the little girl, I'll see if I can tone it down a bit with some light brown ...

    I am having fun with this one and not pushing myself to complete it, I find I am really enjoying this slower pace.

  3. My mouth is watering! Are you a chef?? I am so hungry! LOL!

  4. Nope, Stacy, not a chef but I do have a penchant for good cooking. When we were first married ... I was a horrid cook .. everything was either over cooked (burnt) or undercooked (almost raw) ... over the years I have learned to make a good basic meal....


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