Tuesday, April 23, 2013

More ......... "Monarch Fairies"!

I think I have an ACEO Fairy Series in the makings!  Just finished two more of the Monarch Fairy ACEOs ....

Each of these detailed ACEOs can take from 8 to 10 hours to complete.  Each one begins with a blank piece of Stonehenge paper upon which I create the subject using an erasable terra cotta pencil.  I then use a technical art pen and provide an ink outline to the elements in the piece.  After which all of the pencil lines are erased to reveal a black & white coloring page type of image.

The fun then begins by applying layers and layers of colored pencil and subtly blending those applications of color together.  The is a very time consuming process but well worth the effort.  Once this stage is completed I begin the slow but steady work of re-inking all the initial lines and adding fine detail designs to the image.

When  I am finally satisfied with the results, the newly created piece is then sealed with a spray finishing laminate to preserve the colors and prevent damage.

"Blue Monarch Fairy and Butterfly"

"Pink Monarch Fairy and Butterfly"

I am enjoying these little ladies ... think I'll go make some more!


  1. Beautiful Karen Anne! Their faces are especially adorable!

  2. Fabulous , Love the layers ,the bright colors and your details . Oh I am so glad I found you the other day. Adoring your art !!

  3. Amazing Karen Anne! You know, I bet people don't really understand what all you put into these!! They are simply stunning! Your pink girl, reminds me of a strawberry ;o) That's my nickname for her ;o) I love the innocent looks in the eyes of them! Big Hugs ;o) Hope everything is well ;o)

  4. OOOOOO! So Glad I found your blog! I have had so much fun looking at your work. The little ladies remind me a bit of a stained glass window - Thanks for sharing your work!


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