Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Tomorrow is the day to "Celebrate Oz"!

Time is now simply flying by and here the last four ACEOs in the Oz ACEO Series ....

Tomorrow is the day for the "Celebrate Oz 2012" Blog Party at Oma Linda's blog "Olde Baggs 'n Stuffed Shirts" 
Be sure to come by and visit all the participating bloggers in this truly unique celebration!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. Love the ACEOs they're wonderful and so Oz. I'll be back tomorrow for the celebration.

  2. Hi MaddyRose! Thank You! I'll forward forward to seeing you at the Celebrate Oz Party tomorrow! 8)

  3. Love all the aceo's Karen Anne! I just read Magaly's post and I thought, my blog post is going to be boring! LOL! Oh well, at least I have hot dogs ;o) LOL! See you tomorrow ;o) Hugs ;o)

  4. Hey, thanks Stacy! I was thinking the same thing about my post for tomorrow...

    But the one thing I do know about you Stacy? You are NEVER boring! Can't wait to visit you tomorrow!

    Get a good night's sleep and the partying will begin tomorrow morn!

    Big hugs! 8)

  5. The ACEOs are gorgeous! What a fun way to celebrate the magic of OZ!

  6. Wonderful artwork the characters literally JUMP off the screen!!! Just fantastic Karen Anne :)

  7. Hi Mary and Shelle! It is great of you to stop by ... it makes me quite happy that you like these little Oz ACEOs ... thanks a bunch for leaving a comment!


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