Saturday, July 14, 2012

Five more in the Oz ACEO Series

This past week I have listed five more of the Oz ACEO Series in my Etsy Shop with only four more remaining before the "Celebrate Oz" Blog Party at Oma Linda's!  There are currently 27 participants linked to Oma Linda's Blog for this party ... but there is still time to link in!  If you'd like to participate just go over to her blog "Olde Baggs n' Stuffed Shirts"  and link in your blog!

Here are some more interesting Oz characters that have been added to the series, and I hope I have done each and everyone of them justice!  Welcome to.....

"Talking Apple Tree"

We are now on the last legs of our journey on the Yellow Brick to Oma Linda's "Celebrate Oz" Blog Party on July 19, 2012.  Even if you are not planning on participating via your blog, be sure to come and join in on the fun!   I'm quite sure all the participating Bloggers will welcome you with open arms and tons of fun!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. Thanks Lise! Glad you are liking the Oz ACEO Series!

  2. Very Cool!!!
    Hi Brandy, Thank you for stopping by my blog. I hope that you do plan a trip to Pendleton. If you like cowboys and rodeos check for the dates of the Pendleton Round-up. It is a top notch rodeo and world famous. Thanks again for visiting, I love company. Connie :)

  3. Oh my gosh, these are awesome! You've captured them exactly.

  4. Karen Anne, you have more than done each and everyone of your creations justice! They are amazing! So excited for the party ;o) I'm bringing hot dogs! LOL! Hugs ;o)

  5. Hi Connie! Welcome to my blog! I'll have to check out the schedule, thanks!

    WhaHoo! Got the stamp of approval from Gloria and Stacy! Happy Day!

    Well now, Stacy, if you're bringing hot dogs ... how about I bring along some chips and dip!? Or perhaps a large pot of homemade chili??? Yum!

    Big hugs! 8)

  6. I'm in for chips and dip or homemade chili! Double yummy!!!!

  7. I'm in for chips and dip or homemade chili! Double yummy!!!!

  8. LOL! I'm terrible at decision making ... I'll just bring both!

    Happy Day Stacy!

    Oh, BTW, have you gotten any rain? We've had about a week of really great weather and today it is chilly, and raining!!!!! AND - Jim forgot to close the car windows last night! Oh no ... wet car! 8(

  9. These are FANTASTIC Karen Anne!! I still have to do something for the party but I'm hoping to get my blogging/creative mojo happening so I can complete a little OZ something & of course get back to visiting my special friends like you :) Stacy, save me some dip, I'll bring some bubbly :)

  10. This are amazing, Karen! I particularly love the guard's hat and the monkey's grin, so awesome ;-)

    P.S. I've displayed my award with much honor ;-)

  11. Excellent work, Karen Anne! I think you captured the personality of each character perfectly.

  12. Thanks a bunch Shelle! I really had fun making them. I originally thought the party was on 6/19 and that I had almost missed ... I had 2 aceos completed by 6/19 and then when I went to join the party, I learned it was 7/19! So I just kept drawing until I ended up with 18 in the series!

    Gonna have some fun give aways on the 19th, so be sure and stop by to join in on the fun!

    I'll have a bit of that bubbly you're bringing along! 8)


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