Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Kreativ Blogger Award"

Yesterday I learned that Gloria, from New End Studio Blog, had given me the much coveted "Kreativ Blogger Award"!  THANK YOU Gloria!  You made me feel very special!
In accepting this award I am to share with you 7 random, but well thought out facts about myself .... Good lord, I have to think?     Well then, here goes ....

1. I like to be positive in all aspects of my life.
2. I am happy to be retired and finally have the time to explore and cultivate my artistic endeavors.
3. I have a wonderful husband who is always there to support me in my adventures and quests, I love him dearly (and after nearly 45 years, he better love me dearly!).
4. I am a mother to three terrific young adults (actually six, they all have wonderful spouses!); and 10 grandchildren who keep my life filled with love and happiness.
5. My constant companion is my little miniature pinscher, Danny Boy, who loves to tease and keeps me active.
6. I hate it when someone says I can't do something ... that is an immediate challenge and it sets me off on a side trip to prove to myself that I CAN!  (I can be annoying when in that mode!)
7. I love being alive and look forward to the surprises that await me with each new day.

When one receives this honor, there are a few rules they can (or not) choose to follow:
1. Post a link to the person who awarded you 
2. Share 7 well-thought out random things about yourself
3. Bestow this Award to 10 other deserving bloggers and let them know.

It is always nice to hear that others think you are special, so here are ten bloggers I would like to share this award with!
Stacy at Magic Love Crow
Oma Linda at Olde Baggs ' Stuffed Shirts and Practically Magickal and Ye Olde Crones Gazette
Magaly at Magaly Guerrero and Pagan Culture
Debbie at Every Day Paintings from Everyday Life by Debbie Shirley
Debbie at Crafty Moose Crafts
Lise at Adventures as a Musician and Visual Artist
Carol at Moore's Art Gallery 
Shelle at Sunshine Shelle's 
Seth at The Altered Page
Heather at Rose Hill Designs

If you have the time, be sure to visit the respective blogs of these extremely talented people!  You won't be sorry!

Take care and be happy!
Karen Anne


  1. Thanks so much, Karen luv. And congratulations to you and to all the other nominees.

    And about #6, I totally believe you, for I'm exactly the same way. I can't hardly stand myself while I'm on my I-Will-Show-Them mode lol

    I shall display my award with pride, very soon ;-)

  2. You are totally welcome Magaly! Its a pleasure to share all of these wonderful bloggers.

    As for #6 ... I'm in total agreement with you! LOL!

  3. Congrats on the award! thanks for your list ... new (to me) blogs to explore!

  4. Thanks Antiquity! I'm sure you will enjoy everyone of these bloggers! Have a ball exploring! 8)

  5. Congrats on the award and I've posted on Practically Magickal. Broke the rules but then that's the rebel without a clue I am. You're a sweetie to have given the award to me. I usually don't accept awards but because it was you....I played. Thanks so much. I think I wrote things that folks will enjoy. Oma Linda

  6. That is grand Oma Linda! Keeping the rules (or not) is entirely up to each individual; do what makes you happy!

    Be Happy!
    Karen Anne

  7. Thanks so much, and congrats to everyone, too!

  8. Big Hugs Karen Anne ;o) I will try to get this done soon ;o) I have to think about what I am going to write ;o) I love getting to know you better ;o) 45 years! Wow! Good for you! And number 6, I am with you on ;o)

  9. Well, Stacy, I was a bit daunted about writing down 7 random thoughts about myself but the word random struck a note so I thought "OK, I'll put down one and see if anything else follows..."

    Yep, with regards to #6 ... we recently purchased a pop-up fold a privy and someone said they had one and it was a bear to get folded back up again ... took that person over 35 minutes of struggling to get finally get it done. Well, I looked it up on YouTube and found instructions and a demonstration on how to easily fold it back into a small circle ... watched it about 3 times and felt ready to try.

    So I finally opened up the box, let the privy pop-up and then folded it up in under 1 minute with very little effort. The trick was to know where to bend, hold and tuck the pop up structure. I also discovered it was so much fun that I kept popping it open and folding it back up! (LOL!)

    Oh! Oh! I'm feeling the urge to pop it up so I can fold it up again! I'm addicted to pop-up and fold-down!

    Be Happy! 8)

  10. Karen Anne, I am laughing my head off!

  11. It must definitely be the image of a 64 year old gray haired Gramma trippin' out on Popping N Folding! Glad I gave you a good laugh! Laughter makes the world brighter!

    Don't worry, Be Happy!

  12. Yay, Karen Anne, I'm glad you saw the msg on my comment form.

    You are making me laugh and get teary eyed at the same time. It is so nice to read the comments other bloggers left for you.

    You also crack me up popping and folding. As long as it doesn't fold up while you are inside you will be doing very well!!!

    I will go visit your awardees and if they have the popup (there's that word again) comment form I can leave a comment.

    Today I finally got some of my Celebrate Oz work done, not enough, but a start. See you at the party!


    P.S. It's getting harder and more difficult to read the comment moderation words and numbers. Sometimes I can't read them and have to just give up trying.

  13. Bad, bad comment form. I just wrote the comment and it disappeared.

    Let's see if I can remember:

    Yay, Karen Anne, you saw the comment I left for you on my post. You are cracking me up and getting me teary eyed at the same time. I enjoyed reading the comments the other people left for you, too.

    Now, I forgot the rest, anyway...

    Today I did some Celebrate Oz work, just a start, not enough, but that's how it goes. See you at the party!


    P.S. It's getting harder and more difficult to read the word and number verifications, if you don't see me much, that's because I gave up trying to decipher it. Now, let's see if this one goes through... ♥

  14. Crafty Moose sent me over, your Oz ACEO's are terrific.


  15. That is great Darla! Welcome to my Blog and the Oz Characters welcome you as well!

    Hey Debbie ... thanks for sending Darla over for a visit, it's always a pleasure to meet new friends!

    Ya know, Gloria, I have had that problem happen too with pop-up comment windows. Get 'em filled out and "Pop" they are gone! More times than not I find they were just hiding behind an open window on my desktop. But I'm getting wise to their wicked little pranks, now when they disappear I lower the open window and seek them out! Those lil' buggers are learnin' not to mess with Gramma Brady!

    Big hugs to all!

  16. Thank You Karen! I've been away & thrilled to think you nominated me for this award, gives me a kick in the butt to get my act together & do a overdue post LOL! OK gotta love your facts, you seem like you accept life's challenges & rise to solve them... & you are so sweet which is why you are surrounded by a wonderful hubby & beautiful family :)

  17. I hope you had some fun adventures while you were away! I'm glad you liked the award ... You can blog about it or just simply paste it on your blog as a gift from me ....

    Always nice to hear from you! Have a great day Shelle!


  18. A big congratulations to you on receiving this award and a big thank you for passing it on to me! It brought a smile to my face!!


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