Saturday, September 18, 2010

An Idea For A New Series Of Drawings....

As I was viewing my latest drawing "Jury Room Doodle" I was struck by how much it reminded me of the letter "B".  I thought, hmmmm, this might be fun, doodling my way through the alphabet.  So I began with the letter "Z", not a very often used letter and thought I'd see where "Z" would take me.  As it turns out, I am very pleased with the final outcome of "Z".   I will be listing "The Letter Z" in My Etsy Shop in 8"x 10" art print format as well as the reduced ACEO format of 2.5"x 3.5".

Hopefully, within the next few days, I will have completed the letter "A" and be able to share that with all of you.  In the meantime, it is my pleasure to present to you .....

"The Letter Z"

I thank you for looking and I appreciate any and all feedback you'd care to share.
Karen Anne


  1. Love it and it is an excellent idea for a series.

  2. Thank You for the encouragement Marlene!

  3. Beautiful! These would be good for anyone who has a name starting with certain letters, or to spell out a word!

  4. That's what I was thinking too Pam! Wonder if I should extend it to include numbers 0 to 9? What do you think? Or, perhaps, I should just try to get through the next 25 letters first! Thank you for your comment, it is appreciated.

  5. I absolutely love this piece and I bet it is even more stunning in person...can't wait to see the rest of the letters and maybe the numbers!

  6. Great idea Karen Anne! And, it turned out so beautiful! Spelling words I think is a great idea! It would be something to see a word framed! How striking! WOW, great job Karen Anne!


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