Monday, August 20, 2012

Whalen Island Camp Ground in Tillamook County, Oregon

On August 1st we set off on a camping adventure with "Rocinante" (our mini motor home), Danny Boy (our min pin) and Dilly Boy (an adorable Munchkin doll created by the very talented Maddy Rose of Santa and the Mrs).   The first two nights we spent in Whalen Island Campground ...

Located just 4.5 miles north of Pacific City on the 3 Capes Scenic Loop.  Whalen Island is an 8-acre overnight campground and is surrounded on three sides by the Sand Lake Estuary and abuts an Oregon State Park Natural Area of 200 acre. Shore birds and Bald Eagles are common sights.  Park facilities consist of 34 campsites (no hookups), but does have dump station, rest rooms, fishing, crabbing, clamming, boat launch, swimming and hiking.

Over the course of the next several days I will be posting photos we took at each of the four campgrounds we visited.  Here are some photos from our stay at Whalen Island.

These are photos of "Rocinante" safely nestled into our campsite.  We've set up the kitchen area on the picnic table and are ready to sit around the campfire and enjoy the evening.

This is Dilly Boy, he is welcoming you to our site ... he really likes our camping sunflowers!

Here, Dilly Boy is showing off his favorite of my camping cookware ... our Mickey Mouse water pot, we use it to boil water for our drip coffee maker (a real necessity in the early morning!).

Now you may think this is an ordinary roasting pan ... but it is much more!  This is our dishwater pan!  We put in 2 gallons of water, heat it on the stove, add dish soap and voila! hot water for washing the dishes!  The lid helps keep the water warm and the bugs, leafs and pine needles out ...  we have a 5 gallon water dispenser which we use to rinse the dishes.

Here is Dilly Boy reminding me that I promised to make up ham and waffles for breakfast.  He is really a big fan of boysenberry syrup!

Here is Danny Boy, he is not a big fan of camping ... he is truly a city dog!  Here he is asking "Just how long do I have to endure this torture?".  He doesn't like water, detests fluffy sand, and gets downright upset when the bugs show up!  He does enjoy riding in the car on my lap and looking out the window ... or maybe its because everytime we get into the motor home he thinks we are finally going home?

The following are some random photos I took of the area ....
Where you see the large pieces of driftwood is the entrance to the beach.

This is another view looking at the ocean inlet.

This area has a few campsites for bicyclists and hikers.  They have great views of the ocean inlet's incoming and outgoing tides.  When the tides are low it is relatively easy to find a meal of cockles hiding in the sandy bed.  You walk out into the water with your feet bare and whenever you walk over something that feels like a round rock, you reach down and pick it up and it is usually a cockle!  They are really great in clam chowder or make a super tasty clam fritter.
Here is a view of some of the local trees and foliage.
The campground has sites that are in treed areas and others in open areas, the open area sites provide an open grassy area that is great for playing games like volley ball, badmitton, bocci ball, or for jumping into the water with a floatation device.

 This is an aerial view of the campground that I was able to find on the internet.

Tomorrow I will be sharing photos taken during our time at Hebo Lake Camp Ground on Mt. Hebo in Tillamook County, Oregon.

Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. Hey Karen Anne ;o) Great photos! Dilly Boy looks like he had a great time! Ham and waffles? I have to go camping with you! Your Mickey Mouse water pot is adorable! Poor Danny Boy, he looks miserable! Did you make him some ham and waffles? LOL! Big Hugs! Can't wait to see more of your trip!

    1. Dilly Boy had a grand time! You are certainly welcome to come along! Yep, Danny Boy did get a bit of ham and un-syruped waffles; he has lost enough weight now that we can actually "treat" him once in awhile! LOL! The little guy spent most of his time in his "special" seat, under his doggie blankies and barking at dogs that were running around unleashed! We dubbed him "Leash Patrol Narc" ... he took the title very seriously! Tomorrow I'll share Hebo Lake Campground!

  2. Wow, Karen Anne! Looks like a beautiful place. I have never been camping though...I think I'm more like Danny Boy! Love his blanket!

    1. Well, Debbie, I had never been camping until I married Jim and I fell in love with it immediately! It is so very relaxing to get away from electronic distractions and just enjoy the outdoors. You meet some awfully nice people too; last summer we met a couple touring Mexico, Canada and the USA from Austria and another man from Germany at Whalen Island. We spent an enjoyable evening around a campfire ... even though there was a bit of a language barrier evident!

      Danny Boy loves that blanket too, but his favorite blankets are loose crocheted blankets ... he can see through the holes and carry on his wage against unleashed dogs without being seen! We call him "Ghost Dog" at those times!

      I will admit, having a mini motorhome with a refrigerator is a wonderful plus! And the bed is always ready!

  3. Sorry it's been a while since I called by :( but love this post! Dilly Boy is a cutie but the real sweetie is Danny Boy!!!! I'm in love with him, totally adorable :) One of the best holidays ever was when we took a campervan around the south island of New Zealand... outside of the fact I hid myself on the forehead each time I went from the back cabin to the passenger seat in the front cabin, ouch... but looking at this makes me want to go camping again, lovely Karen Anne :)

    1. Hi Shelle! It's always so nice when you stop by for a visit. I still have the little ACEO you did of him sitting in my front room on the fireplace mantle ... I love it!

      Camping in a van does make it a lot easier ... I was lucky, I only hit my head twice during the time we spent camping! LOL!

  4. I think I've painted that piece of drift wood or one that looked just like it. My sister and her hubby used to do a lot of camping and I camped with them all along the Oregon coast. It is even more beautiful than the photos.
    Little Dilly Boy looks like he's having a great time. When you told me you were taking him camping I'll admit I had my concerns but after seeing how he's taken to camping I see I shouldn't have worried. I can't wait to see more of your trip.

    1. Hi Maddy Rose! Those two pieces of driftwood have been there since I began visiting Whalen Island way back in 1968. They have gotten smaller over time, but they are both still higher than me!

      I can just imagine how you must have felt... Karen is taking my Dillywink camping? Doesn't she realize he is not an ordinary doll? Is she crazy? LOL ... Dilly Boy had his own little canvas "tent" and he is tenderly wrapped tight in his own hand crocheted cotton blanket. He is actually more spoiled than my hubby or Danny Boy ... LOL! No harm will come to Dilly Boy while in my care....

      Hugs back atcha!

  5. LOL, I can't believe Dillywink likes camping! Poor little Danny Boy doesn't look like he's having a good time. Have fun on your trip.

    1. Dillywink dearly loves camping Maggie! He is disappointed that we came home and is urging us to get back out on the road again ASAP!

      Danny Boy, on the other hand, is delighted to be back home and into his well established routine. Camping really threw off his inner clock!


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