Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BarView Jetty Campground, Tillamook County, Oregon

For the nites of 8/8 and 8/9 we decided to venture over to Barview Jetty Campground, its shown as being in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.   We have visited there in years gone by but have never camped there, so this seemed as good a time as any to try out its facilities

It is overseen by Tillamook County, here you’ll find about 293 campsites sitting on the edge of Tillamook Bay, overlooking both the bay and the ocean. Most of the full amenities pack this little gem in the rough, including restrooms, showers, RV hookups and much more. There are 219 tent sites and 69 RV sites.

We didn't like the RV sites, they were packed in like sardines in a tin.  Straight rows of trailers and motorhomes side by side.   No sense of privacy or even any attention to charm were given to this area.  You'd have more space in an RV show than was offered here. 

Now the tent sites were great!  Spacious and semi-secluded from one site to another, each site seemed to hold its own particular charm.  We were given Site #7 in Section T ... this campground is like a maze!  You need a map in order NOT to lose your campsite!  But we did have a nice site and enjoyed our two nights there.  Danny Boy wasn't too happy here ... too much dirt and large gravely roadways; not a lot of nice green grass on which to walk.

Here we have rolled in our spot and pulled out our chairs in readiness for a nice little campfire.   Jim had stopped by and picked up some fresh oysters for himself and some fresh prawns for me.  I stir fried my peeled, seasoned, butterflied prawns in butter in my cast iron fry pan while Jim was more adventurous and roasted his oysters on the fire pit grill ... he is really good at campfire oysters!

There are a lot of unusual trees here with unique branches and roots; I was really intrigued by them....I could just imagine little fairies and gnomes coming out at night to play mischief with the campers!

I was particularly intrigued with this tree ... looks like a hand reaching down from the heavens grabbing a clump of earth ...

During our visit in Barview, DannyBoy and I wandered over the beach, a short walk from the site we were in.  The following are some of the beautiful photos I captured just before dusk ...

I would have wandered down the beach but as soon as we hit the loose dry sand Danny Boy was jumping up wanting me to carry him!  I think the sand was too hot and loose and he panics when he starts to sink in .... I've noticed if I carry him through all the dry sand, he does well on the damp and packed sand.  I didn't feel like carrying him at that time so we just went back to our campsite.

On the 10th of August, we again pulled up stakes and headed over to Kilchis River Campground to meet up with our kids, grandkids, family, and friends for our annual family camping trip....

Will share our time there with all of you tomorrow!

Happy Day!
Karen Anne


  1. great photos of your beautiful adventure. I too am intrigued by the shape of those trees. They could be trees that the fairy folk would covort in, on and through.
    Awwww the beach....I love the beach....well mainly the water...I have the sand here. Til tomorrow my sista, Oma Linda

    1. Aren't they awesome trees? I love odd twisted, gnarly shapes, they just seem to conjure up great little images of the wee ones!

      I love the salt air especially ... its so invigorating! And the roar of the ocean ... sooo soothing ....

  2. Danny Boy sounds like he could use a pair of doggie flip flops! Seriously, those beach photos are beautiful!

    1. That's awesome Debbie! Doggie Flip Flops - LOL! I did try outfitting Danny Boy with little booties (once) ... he just stood there looking at me like "Are you nuts?" ... when he finally started walking, the booties slid down and he developed a 4 legged duck waddle! I was laughing so hard that he went into "Stubborn Mule Mode" and wouldn't move until I removed them!

      That beach was, indeed, very beautiful ...

  3. Debbie, might have something with a pair of doggie flip flops! LOL! That's a great idea! I just read your comment back to Debbie and I can't stop laughing! Your dog is a riot!
    Karen Anne, I love the trees and the roots! So cool! I would have been exploring all through them! Gorgeous beach pictures ;o)

  4. Well you know, Stacy, min pins are known as the "King of Clowns" ... and I'll tell you, that little guy is always coming up with something new! He invents games that we have to play with him ... his favorite game is "Catch Me If You Can!" ... he loves people to come in and fawn over him and when they reach for him, he grins and runs, turns around and grins and waits for them to come and when he is just within their reach ... he grins and bolts! When he finally puts his head down & looks back at you then he is ready to be picked up. I swear, playing that game with him gives me GREAT daily excercise!

    His favorite game? Scare the beejeezies out of the mail persons! Luckily they are all understanding (the mail people) and we have a protection system to guard them from him on the front porch and so we still get daily mail delivery.

    You know, I even leave doggie treats for the mail people to give to him so that he'll realize they are his friends ... he takes the treats greedily ... but the next time they show up he is at the ready with bared teeth and loud barks! He see's a mail person on the street and almost leaps out of the car at them! I do not understand his irritation with mail people! Hmmm ... maybe he thinks they are stealing stuff from "Mom" when I leave letters out to be picked up????


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