Friday, July 1, 2011

The "Humming Belles" Collection of Fairy Paper Dolls Plus

Hi!  I just finished opening up my new Etsy Shop "Humming Belles" to show case my Fairy Paper Dolls!  These unique dolls transform from being a regular young girl to a fairy, or a mermaid, or a mermairy (a mermaid fairy).  She will help you release your imagination and creative spirit!   The Humming Belles doll, of your choice, comes to you with her own kit to get you started on magical adventures, which you can then write about, thereby creating your own stories to share with others.

You will have hours of fun and enjoyment coloring her many ensembles, props and scenes (to be used as backdrops for settings you create) with your favorite colors.  You will be creating a custom wardrobe and scenes using the color schemes that most please you.  In addition, each Humming Belles Doll comes with a laminated mannequin so that you will be able to design your own fashion originals! 

Each Starter Kit includes the following items:
1.  A pre-cut Humming Belles Doll and complimentary set of dragonfly style wings in the Humming Belles trademark color of golden rod yellow.
2.  One coloring page with an outfit and props for a regular girl, set #9.
3.  One coloring page with an outfit and props for a fairy, set #14.
4.  One coloring page with an outfit and props for a mermaid, set #15.
5.  One laminated paper doll mannequin for designing your own outfits.
6.  One scene coloring page, "Fairy Garden Fairy Home".
7.  One customized "Humming Belles" Storage Folder.

So, when you have the chance, come on over and check them out!  You find the shop at

Take advantage of the Grand Opening promotion by putting the code FRIEND in the coupon box on your order to receive a 25% discount on your entire purchase!

Welcome to

Please stop by for our grand opening and let me know what you think of my newest adventure!

Karen Anne Brady


  1. Yeh Karen Anne! This is so exciting! I am so happy for you!!!

  2. Thanks Stacy! This is my secret project I've mentioned to you in the past. I only wish the photographs captured better. Guess I'll have to have my hubby work on new photos for the listings!


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