Sunday, July 17, 2011

Coloring is not just for young children, it is much much more.....

Many people seem to think that filling in a coloring page is for young children and they are losing out on a wonderful form of enjoyment and accomplishment. It is also therapeutic and relaxing. I know it helped me get through cancer treatments, the simple act of coloring in one little part of a drawing helps to take your mind off your condition. Even when in a weakened condition, the human spirit seems to compel one to do something productive, even if that is something small at least you did it! A simple act that works to help heal from the inside out.

I look at coloring page as a starting point. I begin with one little leaf and color that in as my goal, maybe I add some shading, or add another color over top of the first to create a variation of the original color. When that first leaf is completed I have met my goal! I then challenge myself to one more leaf; if I complete it that is wonderful! If not, well, I can lay down my colored pencil and come back when I am stronger. My goal is still there awaiting my return.

As I wander from one little portion of the drawing to another, filling in a bit here and a bit there, the picture begins to come to life with colors of my choosing. Soon I find I am becoming absorbed in this simple act of coloring and less concentrated on my physical being.

I have given my coloring pages and sets of colored pencils to many others undergoing a treatment or recovering from something else who have, to their amazement, experienced these same feelings. Something so simple can and does bring great joy!

Individuals enjoy completing printed patterns for embroidery, needlepoint, latch hook kits, paint by number kits, etc. Adding color to a coloring page should be classified with these types of activities.

With my "Humming Belles" coloring pages I have begun drawings that you take to completion.

Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady aka Humming Belles


  1. I agree with everything you have said Karen Anne ;o) I love to color! No age should be put on coloring!

  2. My hope is that many will rediscover this wonderful outlet.

  3. This is a wonderful idea!! I love your 'Humming Belles' and I think they are a really a wonderful product, great art :)


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