Saturday, June 4, 2011

Two New Watercolor Illustrations

It has been awhile since I have posted anything on my blog, basically because I have been busy trying out my new Niji Waterbrushes (brushes with a water reservoir), Derwent InkTense Pencils, and Yarka Watercolors.  I really haven't tinkered around much with watercolors since I was in 8th grade, many many moons ago!  But I am working on a project and the need for the use of watercolors arose so I decided to experiment with them and see what results I could achieve.

I learned about the Niji waterbrushes while watching a YouTube Tutorial on Derwent InkTense Pencils (they are inks rather than watercolors) and decided to order myself some from, a great place to shop for art supplies.  I really like the Niji brushes as they provide a source of control that I love, the Derwent InkTense colors are vivid and bright and work well with Yarka watercolors.  Once the Derwent InkTense colors are dry, they are permanent so I find they make a wonderful base to use the Yarka paints for shadowing and finer details.

I am no pro when it comes to watercolors, etc. but I found the results very much to my liking and thought it would be nice to share them with you and see what your reactions are.
The following are the two illustrations I have been working on over the past two weeks.

"Fairy Garden Fairy Home"

"The Enchanted Well"

I'd be delighted if you would let me know what you think of the results!

Karen Anne


  1. Karen Anne, what can I say, they are amazing!! Truly!! They are amazing!! I love how bright the colors are and both pictures are so full of life! Dragonfly, bunny, lady bug, Danny boy! ;o) Love them! Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yes, Stacy, these are amazing colors aren't they?! I REALLY like them! You have a great day too ... we are lucky, we are getting our first 80 degree day since way back in 2010! Yes!

  3. I really think you should illustrate a book, these are FABULOUS, so much energy & magic, just wonderful!

  4. Oh these are WONDERFUL!!!!! Oh my gosh, I HAVE to try them too! I have only worked in watercolors and I have really worked hard on getting control since I like lots of tiny detail too, but you make it look so easy Karen Anne! Both are gorgeous and I can't wait to see more! Our weather has been strange too. It's usually in the 90's by now and we are still in the 60's with rain every day. We are wondering if summer is ever gonna get here, LOL!

  5. Hi Sunshine! Maybe someday I'll illustrate a book, who knows? Thank you for the wonderful compliments!

    Hey Gecko! Here is a link to the Niji Waterbrushes at
    I purchased one of each, except the flat brush. I like them so well that I may buy an add'l set just to have as back up so that I'll never be without the right size! LOL!
    I guess we all have to seize the day or two of summer we are blessed with!

  6. We finally got some warmer weather today too and oh it feels sooooooo good. I saw a cute red fox walk right by our back door with a gopher in his mouth last evening, wow, I wish I had the camera handy! Thanks for the link to Dick Blick!!!!

  7. Hi Gecko! Wow - that must have been amazing! I wish you would have had a camera too ... but maybe the camera is actually your mind and you can use it for inspiration? You are most welcome to the Dick Blick link. It took me forever to purchase from them but, I must say, it was one of the best decisions I ever made. I save quite a bit by getting my art supplies through them over purchasing through local art stores. I really try to patron local stores, but, being on a really tight budget, Dick Blick Art Materials has become a God-send.
    Happy Day and Happy Creating!

  8. Gorgeous work Karen!!
    I've added your sites to TAD :)
    Thanks for the linkback and follow :)

    Cheers Kim

  9. Hi Kim!
    Thank you very much!
    I really appreciate your blog "Top Artists Directory"!

  10. Wow, these look really incredible :)
    I just stumbled across your blog mostly by accident, I really love the Enchanted Well!


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