Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"Would You Like To Be Included?"

Hi!  The other day I was wondering how I could better connect with people when I complete a new art piece.  I currently post them on my blog and list them in My Etsy Shop; the only additional places I promote my work are on My Twitter,  My FaceBook Fan Page, sometimes in Etsy Team Forums, plus The Acetsy Team Blog and VAST Team Blog.

What I really want is to connect more personally with those who have expressed in interest in my pieces.  So I sat down and thought why not make up a group email list of those people?  That way, when I complete a piece of work or have a special promotion I can let them know before the general public.

In these group mailings I will send all participants only "Bcc" copies so that your email address will NOT be shared with others.  I don't work fast enough to be overwhelming your inbox with a lot of excess mail so, if you would like to be included, you can let me know by sending an email request to me at     (an address I set up just for responses to this post).

May you always have
Love to Share,
Health to Spare,
An Friends who Care!

Karen Anne Brady aka IrelandBrady


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  2. Here is the post from Deborah that I removed because it had her email address in it .... I have copied her message (removed her email address) and here is her comment:

    Hi Karen Anne...I think this is a great idea...I am always trying to think of other ways to reach potential customers other than re-newing a few of my pieces on Etsy about twice a week and using our ACEtsy yahoo group.
    Count me in....I would love to know when you are putting up something new...let me know in a few weeks if you feel it helps your sales!

    Sorry...I tried to send this through your private e mail but it didn't work.

  3. Thanks to Deborah I learned my email connection in the post didn't work so I set up a special email address at
    so that anyone who wants to be added to my list can do so.

    Thanks Deborah!

  4. Hey Karen Anne ;o) Count me in my friend ;o) You have my e-mail address, right? Take Care ;o)

  5. Thanks Stacy! You are on the list & I do have your address!


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