Saturday, April 16, 2011

Are rain drops individually unique?

I finished a new ACEO this morning, it has a zentangle theme going on ... I call it "April Showers, Up Close and Personal".... I was wondering if each rain drop was different from the other like snowflakes are said to be; if so, perhaps this is how they might look?

May you always have
Love to Share,
Health to Spare,
And Friends who Care!

Karen Anne


  1. Karen Anne, this aceo is very magical to me ;o) Hugs!

  2. Wonderful theme & idea behind this artwork.

  3. Hmmm, that is interesting ... magical. Hugs back atcha!

  4. Hey JCS, I can't take credit for the theme ... "April Showers" is the theme for this month's THE ACEO CHALLENGE .... but the thought of raindrops being unique suddenly came to me this morning ....

  5. This is so beautiful as is the sentiment with it!

  6. Neat! I have to try this zentangle thing sometime!


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