Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"Obsession? or knot?"

I found this adorable crochet pattern for a flapper cloche hat and made up a few dozen to give away to friends and family at Christmas time. I loved the webbed design in this hat and decided it needed a little something extra so I added a darling crocheted carnation (with a safety pin for easy removal) to the side. 

Since then I seem to have become obsessed with crocheting this particular hat with flower and in the evenings, when I am sitting back watching television, my hands just seem to have to be crocheting one after another. I now have more than enough for this coming Christmas and am still making more!

Finally, my husband pointed out that I have more hats than I need, especially if I keep on making them. Both he and my daughter (who loves her many hats) suggested I list them in My Etsy Shop and share them with others. So that is what I am now doing. 

No two hats are exactly alike since I do like variation (except for the pattern).

Happy Day!
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady


  1. I like alot!! I love hats!! You are such a talented lady!

  2. Thanks a bunch Stacy! Will be posting more as I list them on Etsy ... LOL! Gotta do something with all these hats! Hope people like them....


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