Tuesday, February 1, 2011

An ACEO Zentangle Valentine "One True Love"

Valentine is quickly approaching and I decided to try my hand at an ACEO Valentine. It seems we meet many people in our live but there is only one who is really extra special in your life, so out of all the loves in one's life I present the "One True Love".

I was lucky enough to meet my "One True Love" and marry him 43 years this coming February 17th. We would have gotten married on Valentine's Day, but it fell on a Wednesday that week, in 1968, so we opted for Saturday the 17th ... figured people would show up for the wedding that way!

Please keep in mind that, because the drawing has been scanned to the computer, the image is considerably larger than the actual art piece. Therefore, you can not realize the delicacy of the line work and fine detail of the image as a result.

"One True Love"

A happy Valentine Day to one and all!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady


  1. Hey Karen Anne ;o) I know I have already said this to the group, but I do truly love this aceo ;o) So beautiful and bright and happy!!! Big Hugs for 43 years!!!!

  2. Oh ... Thank You Stacy ... I am, indeed, a very blessed bride of 43 years ... but, to be quite truthful, I think Jim is more blessed! LOL!

  3. I love how these hearts overlap!

    It's always interesting to see where you'll go next with your art!

  4. LOL, Lise! I never know where I'll go next ... this is my year of doing what I feel like doing on that day ... it's another adventure that I hope to thoroughly enjoy! So, I expect some days will be good ... and others kinda ho-hum ... never the less, I will share it all with you! I think I had a ho-hum day today ... will share it tomorrow! Love and good night to all.


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