Thursday, October 14, 2010

"The Letter Q"

Happy Thursday!  

And here is the latest letter in question, "The Letter Q"!  "Q" is the 15th initial in my Alphabet Series, only 11 initials are now left to illustrate!  "Q" is now listed in My Etsy Shop as an authorized art print (8"x10") and as an Open Edition ACEO (2.5"x3.5").

Lorrie, DivineDesignStudios, discerned that I was working on "Q" and has chosen a letter of her choice for me to illustrate now.   The letter Lorrie chose is also the first letter in the name of eight states within the USA ... any thoughts on which letter that is?  If you are the first to guess, you will be the one to choose my next initial, plus you will receive an Open Edition ACEO of the letter you choose.

"The Letter Q"

Happy Day!


  1. Hi, We truely are polar opposites, you have a tremendous amount of fine detail work. I just want to get it on there as fast as I can. LOL

  2. You know, Derek, in my younger years it really tried my patience that a painting, illustration, etc. would take so long. I started something and wanted it to be done, now!

    Now that I am past 60, I am sitting back and simply enjoying each picture evolve. This doodle stuff I am doing is actually helping me free my mind and opening me up to try new techniques and ideas. I look forward to how I will incorporate this technique with my love for drawing people, especially children.

    Right now I am completely absorbed in this series, to the point where I awake in the morning with new designs dancing through my mind and grab my pen and start in. Next thing I know its 10 or 11 AM and I am still in my night clothes!

    This is an exciting and happy time in my life and I am thoroughly enjoying each and every minute.

    Who know where you'll be once you pass 60! LOL!

  3. Absolutely fabulous, Karen Anne! The detail is stunning! My jaw always drops when I view your intricate work! Brava!

  4. Well, we have another first guesser on our hands! Stacy, if I didn't know you lived in Ontario, Canada, I'd swear you were standing over my shoulder watching me draw! Yep, Stacy (MagicLoveCrow) has guessed, again, that the new letter I am working on is "N"! Congratulations Stacy!

    I may not get "The Letter N" posted until after 10/23, I am tied up with other stuff next week and won't have much time for artwork; but just because I'm slow for awhile doesn't mean I am giving up on my quest to finish my Alphabet Series!


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