Friday, October 8, 2010

"The Letter H"

Happy Day!  Make way for "The Letter H"!  Hoo-Ray!  I have listed "The Letter H" in My Etsy Shop today.  I have it available as an Authorized Art Print, size 8"x10"; and as an Open Edition ACEO, size 2.5"x3.5".

CraftyMoose correctly guessed that I was working on "H", good going CraftyMoose!  The letter I will be illustrating next begins the word of something her husband loves, you can check out CraftMoose's Etsy Shop or "CraftyMoose Blog" for the clue.  It is in one of those sites!

"The Letter H"

Happy Day All!


  1. Dog gone! Stacy aka MagicLoveCrow has already guessed the new letter!
    But I'm still gonna keep the rest of you in suspense until I finish and post it in a day or so ....

  2. wow these are amazing!
    well done.


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