Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today is a GREAT DAY! Jim & I have been married for 42 years!

On a cold and rainy day on Saturday, February 17, 1968 .... Jim and I were married!  It was a grand wedding and a delightful day!  We recently found an old 8 mm reel of film that was taken on that day and had it made into a DVD.  The original film was so damaged that only about 1 minute was actually visible ... but what was there was incredible!  My goodness, we were sooooooooooo young!    

We have been through all kinds of times together ... adventures all ... some GRAND ... some not so happy.  But, after all these years we are still the best of friends and more in love than ever we imagined.

Our greatest blessings during this long trek through life are our children, their spouses, and the ten glorious grandchildren they have presented us with!

It is with great happiness that we celebrate this occasion and look forward to many, many, many more years of adventures and growing closer in our union with each other.

Our wish is that all couples are so blessed!


  1. Congratulations!!! That's terrific news! Isn't it great to have your best friend with you all the time? My husband and I will celebrate our 32nd anniversary this coming August.

  2. Thank YOU! Yes, it is wonderful to have your best friend always with you! Congratulations are in order for you two as well!


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