Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Having trouble adding Google Analytics to Your Blog?

"Tutorial Post"
I spent 3 days trying to add Google Analytics to my Etsy Shop and to my Blog .... fiinally stumbled upon these instructions that work wonderfully!   So I am posting them here for anyone else who wants an easy way to add GA to their blog ....

Go into your Google Analytics account and sign in.

From there, look on the right hand side. There should be a link that says " + Add New Profile " Click it.

The page that comes up will be titled "Create New Website Profile"

On that page select "Add a Profile for a new domain"
Then, put your blog's address in the box where it asks "Please provide the URL of the site you would like to track." (example: Mine is http://www.irelandbrady.blogspot.com)

Click "Finish"

The next page that comes up is titled "Tracking Code"

Scroll down and under "What are you tracking?" Select... A single domain (default)

To the right of that, there's a window with some code in it. Copy this code and then open your blog in a separate window. Make sure you're logged into your blog if you aren't already.

Go to your blog's dashboard (there should be a link at the top that takes you there). From the dashboard, choose the link named "layout".

In the "Page Elements" tab, choose "add a gadget".

In the pop-up window that comes up, click the + button on the gadget entitled "HTML/JavaScript". It will open a box that asks for a title and content. Leave the title blank. Paste the code from Google Analytics into the "content" box then click save.

Go back to the Google Analytics page you got the code from and click the "Save" button at the bottom.

It will take approx 24 hours (possibly 48 if they're bogged down) for the GA to start reading your site. Once it does, when you open your GA, your blog will be listed and it will have a green check mark under "status".

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