Friday, January 2, 2015

"Christmas Clown"

In the 1980's I completed many acrylic paintings, then circumstances changed and I needed to get a full time job so my painting fell to the way side.   Over the years my paints dried out, eventually got tossed into the garbage, and brushes just seem to have disappeared.  In 2014 I thought I would try my hands at acrylics again so I purchased some acrylic paints and brushes and attempted a small little painting on 6/19/2014 ...

"Three Hedgehogs in a Row"

Well, I wasn't really impressed with the results so I packed all the paints away until a later day.  A later day came about in December 2014 when my daughter-in-law asked me to paint a picture of a clown for my son for Christmas.  Now, my son is terrified of clowns so I really wasn't too sure about this request; finally I decided "Why Not?", pulled out the paints and brushes and tried another little hedgehog painting ... to get a feel for the paints ....

"Three Hedgehogs at Christmas"

I liked this one a bit better and kinda got the "feel" for working with acrylics again.   Lisa wanted a vintage type clown that wasn't so freaky that she could frame it and hang it in their home.  I finally came across a vintage clown that I loved and thought would fit the bill!

"Vintage Clown"
I looked all over the internet and found this photo posted on several sites; sent messages to people to see if I could learn if this was a copyrighted image ... but no one answered my queries.

Eventually I deduced there probably was no copyright on this photo but not wanting to tread on anyone's claim of ownership decided I would paint the clown for personal use only and not sell any prints of this piece.  I think that is in keeping with copyright laws, if not ... I am sure someone will enlighten me.

With that in mind I began working on an 8 1/2" x 11 1/2" painting of my version of the clown in my son's favorite colors ... green and red!  He is a major celebrator of Christmas!  Over a period of several days/weeks I managed to create my version of this clown which I have titled

"Christmas Clown"

My son wasn't too sure about the subject of this gift, but stated that he loved it and would get it framed and hang it in their home.    We'll see!

"Christmas Clown" turned out well enough that I am encouraged to try my hand at more acrylic paintings in 2015.  Maybe experiment with different types of acrylics to learn which best suits my style.

2014 ended on an encouraging note and I am hoping that 2015 will bring along some over due blessings for my hubby.  HAPPY NEW YEAR to one and all!

Karen Anne


  1. I like your Christmas clown very much! Very unusual subject too.

    I have taken to acrylics too. We must be on a wavelength! I use to paint big canvases in oils, but the turpentines in use then gave me a headache. There are better turps now, but I'm enjoying the fast drying of acrylics. In the meantime, I also discovered I like working on small panels more than on large canvases (able to achieve a lot more detail, spend less time on painting and less money on paints -- and they are more sale-able in smaller sizes).

  2. Thanks Lise! It won't be the first time we seem to have been on the same wave length! Most of my previous acrylic paintings were on larger canvases too, I much prefer a smaller canvas. As you state, much easier to get the detail.

  3. Happy New Year Karen Anne ;o) Sorry I am so late coming around! Well, not to put a halo over your head, but I love all your paintings! I think you are so talented ;o) I hope your son does get the clown framed ;o) Sending out many blessings for your hubby in 2015 ;o) Hugs ;o)

    1. Thanks a bunch and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too Stacy!~
      Blessings for you and your Mum in 2015!


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