Monday, October 20, 2014

Some new Lil' Friends ....

My goodness, my last post was on 9/9/2014!  That is quite awhile ago.... I have gotten quite a bit done since that time, more "other stuff" than I prefer but at least most of it is now taken care of.  I did manage to finish a few more Lil' Friends every now and then and thought I would share them with you all today.  So here they are in the order in which they were created:

"Lil' Scarecrow" 8-23-14

"Lil' Circus Clown #2"  8-29-14

"Lil' Pony Boy" 9-4-14

"Lil' Witch #1" 9-29-14

"Lil' Witch #2" 10-3-14

"Lil' Witch #3" 10-15-14

I have two more Lil' Friends sketches worked up (Lil' Witch #4 and Lil' Witch #5) that I hoped to get transferred to paper soon and colored in.    Hopefully I will get them completed and posted before November 2014!  LOL!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Big hugs,
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady


  1. It looks like you have been prolific! ACEOs?
    Nice witch series!
    I know what you mean about getting work done post holiday! I have been trying to get new Christmas designs done. My work has to be packaged and hung on November 1! Good luck to me, right? On the other hand, I'll have some nice Christmas designs for 2015!

    1. Wishing you very good luck in getting everything done Lise! I know you can do it! Look forward to seeing your new designs. :)

    2. What is an ACEO?
      An ACEO is a miniature piece of art; the same size as a playing card or a standard trading card, 2.5 x 3.5 inches (65 x 90 mm). The acronym, ACEO, stands for Art Card Edition and Original.

      An ACEO can be a reproduction of an original piece of art, or the original art itself, and can be made using any medium the artist chooses; paint, pencil, ink, fabric, embroidery, paper, canvas, etc. The only stipulation is the size.

      What am I supposed to do with it?
      1. Frame it and stick it on your favorite wall, or a special little nook.
      2. Collect and trade with your other cool friends!
      3. Prop it up on a little tiny easel.
      4. Slip an ACEO into a greeting card as an extra surprise for a birthday, anniversary, Christmas, or any other special occasion.
      5. Enjoy it as a bookmark.
      6. Hide it away in a box until the artist becomes famous?
      7. Once the artist is famous, haul it out and show off your treasure!

      ACEO's are wonderful because they are a means of collecting original and edition works of art at an affordable price which won't bust the bank!
      ACEO’s can be displayed singly in a frame, grouped in 2's or 3's, or combine a collection and stick them onto a canvas to create your own original art collage grid.
      ACEO’S are extremely collectable "Pocket Art", you may not be able to stop at just one!

  2. Your new Lil's are so sweet. I haven't said this in a long while, you are so very talented and I love all that you create. Oma Linda

  3. Ohh, it's taken me so long to comment on these utterly gorgeous creations!! They all hold such childlike wonder, fun, happiness and my heart especially jumped seeing Lil' Witches, just so adorable and Pony Boy is fabulous, love the checked BG like a cowboy shirt, and, actually, guess what Karen Anne (?) I really can't pick a fav, as always, all are superb, cute as a button! I have been so busy just working, not getting my head around getting time to do my artwork, I keep buying Lotto tickets so I can give up the day job LOL... I love seeing what my friends are doing, and I really do miss blogging because it is so inspiring visiting and checking out not only the new art but what everyone is up too in their lives, I meant to do a blog today, but I am so enjoying wandering around blogs (especially yours), well, maybe I'll do one on the weekend, that sounds like a plan :) Take care & apologises for not calling in sooner!!

  4. I really love these (esp the lil' witches) I actually thought I had written before, but seems like if I make a comment on my Ipad it often doesn't post(?) looked at what you have been up to in some previous posts (yes I have been a slack blogger & visitor I'm afraid), and as always you inspire me with your wonderful talent!!!

    1. You did reply Shelle! I just forgot to post it! Whoops! Sorry .... I am really happy you are liking my "Lil' Friends" series, they are such fun to create. I have finished 4 more that I still have to post here ... Yep! I am a Slack Blogger and Blog visitor too! I'll try to post my last two Lil' Witches and the two Lil' Miss Steampunks as well ... about time don'cha think?
      Big hugs dear friend!

  5. OHHH LOVE STEAMPUNK!!!!! Look forward to seeing the new additions :) Big hugs right back atcha!!


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