Monday, August 11, 2014

Blue Dasher Dragonfly

Hello Friends!  I recently completed a colored pencil entry into the Colored Pencil Magazine's July 2014 Art Contest because I loved the dragonfly reference photo.  I didn't win the CPM contest, but I did win in the fact that I tried out a totally wet colored pencil background and a different technique for doing the wings, which I really like.

However, when I look at the finished piece, it just seems to be lacking something so I made a print  and added leaves to see if that is what is missing.  Before I alter the original I thought I would present it to you to see which you prefer.  Dragonfly with plain background?  Dragonfly with leaves?

Looking forward to your responses ...

Oh, here is a copy of the reference photo ...


  1. Dragonfly with leaves would be my choice.

  2. Hey Karen Anne ;o) Great to see you ;o)
    I have to say first, you should have won ;o) Just my opinion ;o)
    Good for you, trying out a different technique ;o)
    I have to say, with the leaves around the dragonfly, it centres your focus more on the dragonfly. Does that make sense? The dragonfly seems to pop more.
    Saying that, I do like your original too!
    Sorry for being confusing!
    Big Hugs ;o)


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