Monday, May 5, 2014

Ta Da! I Created a New Tangle Pattern!

Hi!  I am so excited, I have created an unofficial tangle pattern that is cute and querky!  I call it "Lady Bugz Parade" and have 3 versions of this tangle pattern.  I have been seeing this little pattern in my head for the past several weeks and I began a new tangle design recently and lo and behold the Lady Bugz Parade made its way into the design!

I think I originally got the idea for this pattern from my little sister.  Years ago she was always sending me snail mail with all kinds of fun stuff included in the envelope, was kinda like receiving a mini treasure chest in each letter.  Anyway, she would always doodle little things on the outside of her envelopes ... one of my favorites being her little lady bugs.   Anyhoo ... been seeing those little lady bugs in my head lately and finally had to get the pattern they developed into on paper so that I could share it with others!

Here is my very first tangle pattern:  "Lady Bugz Parade"

Aren't they just the cutest?!   I can see them being used as a border or within a tangle design.   They are fun and they do make one smile!

Here is the design I am currently working on where they just suddenly appeared as Version 1 and Version 2 Lady Bugz .... I think I need to add Version 3 into this piece ... what do you think???

I hope this post find all of you healthy and happy,
Big Hugs to You All!
Karen Anne aka Ireland Brady

PS  I submitted this pattern for consideration as an "Official" Tangle Pattern, but since it was too representative it was not accepted.  Representative means it is easily recognizable as something, and a true official tangle is simply a repeated pattern that is non-representative.  But they did like it and consider it cute and fun!


  1. Karen, I love the ladybugs.....what an inspired piece. Smiling just looking at this. Oma Linda

  2. The lady bugs are just the cutest, and I like the burst of color with the black and white tangle. It really makes them stand out!

  3. Lovely pattern design! And lady bugs are good for the garden!

  4. One summer day hundreds of ladybugs suddenly came onto my patio door, flying and walking and making a commotion. I like yours better, nice and orderly! lol Yes, add the walkies, go for it.

  5. I love these lady bugs! And, I have to say, my mom does too ;o) She is a lady bug crazy lady! LOL! Your new art piece is amazing! Yes, do more lady bugs ;o) I would pick your lady bugs as an official Tangle Pattern ;o) Those people don't know what they are talking about ;o) LOL!
    Good to see you ;o) xoxox

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