Monday, October 1, 2012

Got in some "End of the Year Camping"...

We've been home for several days now and I have nearly gotten "Rocinante" winterized ... gosh, it is harder to unload a mini motor home than it is to load one!   We spent 10 nights down at the coast and enjoyed stays in two campgrounds, Kilchis River and Barview Jetty. We have come to the conclusion that these are now two of our favorite places to kick back and relax.

Our little venture was relatively quiet ... not many people go camping in late September, at least not in county campgrounds.  Nehalem Bay State Campground was "packed" when we stopped by there ... but we did not care for that campground.  It has several modules of campsites, but the sites are so close to each other that there is NO illusion of any privacy; the sites are packed tighter than vacuum sealed hot dogs!

We did stop by Fort Stevens State camp ground (outside of Astoria, Oregon and on our way home), which was also at least 50% occupied on Sunday, and it was not bad, sites were close to each other but in some modules the illusion of privacy was evident.  We'll probably spend a couple of nights there in 2013. The rates at Fort Stevens were about $27 with RV hookup.

However, just across from Fort Stevens is a KOA Campground ... that actually delivers Pizza (and other foods from their restaurant) direct to your site!  Cost per night?  $67 - Ouch!  And ... it really didn't have that great of sites ... most kinda bare and out in the open.  Jim and I tend to like sites that are surrounded by foliage; gives off an aura of your own personal space.

I did get one little ACEO completed ... its a surprise for MaddyRose ... I put it in the mail so hopefully she has received it by now.  It was of Dilly Boy aka Dillywink showing off the walking stick he made for himself while we were camping ... Dilly Boy asked me to share it with you ...
He was quite excited about his finished piece.  He had found a stick with character, stripped off the bark, sanded and polished it all by himself!  He is turning out to be quite the little camper!

Earlier this past week, I finished a drawing I had begun at the onset of September ... it is from a photo of our second granddaughter with a fish ... I saw a frog and a princess ...
I scanned the illustration during the times I was working on it and am going to make a WIP (Work in progress) slide show video shortly.  When I have finished it, I'll share a link with you.

Hope you are all well and happy!
Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady


  1. Even though we don't camp, I can identify that $67 is really expensive for a site! Dilly Boy has the prettiest blue eyes--hope he doesn't mind my saying, and the walking stick he made is awesome. I love how the photo of your granddaughter inspired you!

    1. Hey Debbie, Dilly Boy doesn't mind you saying he has the "prettiest" blue eyes and he is blushing over the "awesome" remark (he's going "Ah, schucks...")!

      I think it is so much fun when I see a photo or something else and it triggers an alternate vision version! Probably much like you when see something and envision it in beaded form....

      Happy day Debbie!

  2. Hey Karen Anne ;o) You and your hubby have been busy! I agree, $67.00 is expensive! Did you get any pizza? LOL! I love Dilly Boy's smile and his blushing cheeks ;o) MaddyRose is going to love your drawing! Your grand daughter is beautiful!! What a precious face! And, I love the drawing you did! You always amaze me girl! Big Hugs ;o)

    1. We did get in a fair amount of camping, that's for sure! We didn't spend a night there, so No, I didn't order any pizza! LOL! Besides, I make a really mean BBQ Pizza! My fav BBQ pizza is sage sausage with artichoke hearts, black olives and fresh baby portabella mushrooms, it is soooooooooo goooooooood!

      Maddy Rose did like the ACEO, she said it is her first original ACEO (besides the ones she has made) in her collection.

      To me, all 5 of my granddaughter's look like princesses, but then I might just be a bit biased! LOL!

      Big Hugs back atcha!

      Oh Stacy! You'd be really proud of me ... I began working in my garden raised bed, clearing out all of the old stuff so that it will be nice and fresh for spring planting! Am gonna try my hand at growing garlic along the side of the house, heard that garlic really grows well in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Portland is part of the Willamette (pronounced Will-am-it) Valley. Last summer I had emptied all 15 planters from my front porch into my raised garden ... forgetting they were loaded with shamrocks. Well, this year the shamrocks took over and none of the seeds I planted had a chance to grow ... now I am going through the dirt and removing all the shamrock cones. I'm sure this will end up being a long process ... there are 100's of them in there. After I get this first batch out I'll move them all over to the bank in our front yard; thereafter anytime one grows in the raised bed, I'll yank 'em out as soon as they show up! Shamrocks grow like weeds in my yard! Wish me luck in my battle with "The Shamrocks"! LOL!


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