Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Surprise Came In The Mail!

Earlier this week I was having an ordinary day, sitting at my table and working on an illustration.  Danny Boy spotted the mailman, which set him off flying across the room and landing on top of the couch perch which affords him a grand view from the front room window, and he let go with his "Mailman Alarm"!  

Jim went out and gathered up the collection, and came back in with the usual amount of "Snail Mail" advertising, catalogs, sales promotions and a letter for me?!  In this day and age it is a rarity to actually receive a personal letter, it's like a surprise gift in the mail!  And it was!  It was addressed to me from my dear friend to the North, MagicLoveCrow!

I carefully opened up the letter which held one of Stacy's adorable Baby Crow cards, snugly enclosed inside where two beautiful ACEO's that she had picked out for us and sent "to make you smile!".   Well, she did just that - made us smile and turned an ordinary day into an extra special day!

Her gift was so special that I just had to share them with all of you (she said it was OK for me to do so)!   I hope these pictures make you smile too!

"Laugh" by MagicLoveCrow

"Just Married" by MagicLoveCrow

Thank you so very much special friend!
And, in Stacy's own words, "Keep On Smiling!".

Take care and may your day be happy!
Karen Anne


  1. Karen Anne, you are so welcome ;o) I loved how you described Danny Boy flying to the couch ;o) I am laughing! LOL! You know what, I have never seen my art so big!! LOL! They don't look too bad ;o) Have a great day and I am so happy I sent these to you ;o) Hugs!

  2. Oh, Stacy ... You are a sweetheart ... and believe me, min pins can nearly fly! When he and his sister get together they are like two tasmanian devils whirling around the room from one couch to another! Lasts nearly 5 minutes before they actually calm down and sit! LOL!

    Isn't that awesome?! Your artwork looks great, big or ACEO sized! I am happy you sent them too ... they are now on display on our fire place mantle - Yes! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Big hugs back atcha!


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