Sunday, August 7, 2011

The "Humming Belles" Had A Magical Day!

Hi Everbody!

Wow!  The "Humming Belles" had an wonderful day at the August 6th "Hip Happening" Arts and Crafts Show!

I awoke Saturday morning with a sense of foreboding and did not feel at all like setting up our displays for the day, I wasn't sure it was worth the effort.  A feeling of gloom seemed to foreshadow the day but, never one to give up, I made sure "Danny Boy" was all set up with treat balls hidden for him to find throughout his day and off we set with the "Humming Belles".

We arrived at the hall and set up our tables and arranged our displays, one table for the "Ireland Brady Etsy Shop" and one for the "Humming Belles" Etsy Shop.  We had the background pictures framed and stood the little belles in front of their scenes complete with matching outfits and props.  A gentle breeze blew through the hall and their little wings fluttered and they looked like they were ready to take flight in happy delight!

We had settled back in our chairs as customers began strolling in, seeking out new discoveries and one of a kind treasures.  Forty-five vendors were scattered throughout the inside of the hall and outside along the front and down the side.  Beautiful creations and ideas over flowed the tables welcoming patrons to come and explore.

We noticed in unison that something a bit unusual was occurring; as people walked into the hall and looked around, to get their bearings before beginning their explorations, many would stop in mid hall, look over at the "Humming Belles" and slowly walk over as if magically drawn to the little fairies on the tabletop with their gently fluttering wings.  We sat back and watched as they slowly scanned over the display and would finally look up and begin asking questions with sweet smiles of  past remembrances shinning on their faces.

Some would relate tales of their first paper dolls, others would share stories of family members and friends who loved paper dolls, many just marveled at how our little "Humming Belles" were beyond what one expects.   The "Humming Belles" were in their glory  and had a hard time trying to just sit still and smile.  Inside they were bubbling with excitement, people loved them!  They were giddy with delight!

People were pleased with the concept of being able to choose their own favorite scenes, outfits, and wings; plus the fact that this is a collection that will be ongoing and ongrowing.  They favored being able to color the pages, completing what I had started, and thereby making each set of wings, each outfit, and each scene personalized.

We listened as people spoke up and let us know what they felt we should also have to offer.  Many were disappointed that we did not have illustrated short stories about "Humming Belles" adventures for each doll; BUT the biggest item we are missing are Boy Fairies!  Well, this is an ever growing collection so I guess over the next few months you'll be finding stories and boy fairies joining in on the fun!  We may just have to change the name to the "Humming Belles and Beaus", what do you think?!

As the day grew to an end, we realized it had been a wonderfully magical day and the gloom of the morning had been sent fleeing by the sunshine of loving acceptance and charming new friends!  Eight "Humming Belles" and many coloring pages of scenes, wings and outfits have been taken to new homes were they will share their lives and adventures with new families and friends!  One "Humming Belles" Starter Kit will even be flying overseas to a young girl in Croatia!  Imagine that!

The "Humming Belles" have taken flight!

PS   I had meant to bring along my camera to take pictures of the displays and the many new friends we met yesterday but it sat, fully charged, on the seat of the old oak hall stand next to our front door.  Other than that, it was indeed a grand day!

May you always have
Love to Share,
Health to Spare,
And Friends who Care!

Karen Anne aka IrelandBrady aka HummingBelles
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  1. Fantastic Karen Anne! I am so happy for you!!! I knew you would do well ;o) You know, the two comments you had people say, about boy fairies and having short stories to go along with each different one, was something I was thinking about too ;o) This is great! Too bad the camera had a comfortable chair at home! LOL!

  2. Listening to what people say is very important, they are actually giving you insight in your short comings. I already have a visual image of the little "Beau" but stories are my short suit ... guess I'll have to open up my dream mind at night!

    It is unfortunate I forgot the camera, but we hope to do one or two more shows before the end of the year and hopefully I will have my camera strapped across my shoulder when I leave the house!

    Thank you so very much for comments and continued support. You are a good friend.

  3. This sounds so splendid! I have looked through your Humming Belles shop and it is really terrific. All your art, really. And isn't it fun to send your work overseas? Very neat. :)

  4. Hey Cindy! Thank you for stopping by and visiting, you are so very welcome here. I am so glad you like my
    Humming Belles .... Indeed, it is exciting that one of my little girls is going to Croatia. Wow!


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