Thursday, January 27, 2011

"My Chinese Mudmen" - day #4

I got quite of bit of work done on "My Chinese Mudmen" today, but am still not finished.  There is probably at least another hour and a half to be completed and I am too tired to finish it today.  So for the rest of the evening I'll just sit back (with a nice cold beer) and study Chang, Chung, Ching and Chong's new surroundings and see what else I can add to make it extra cozy for them.

One thing I have noticed is that a lot of the zentangle designs and techniques  I have developed over the past several months, have definitely come into play in this illustration.  I feel that these newly acquired skills have greatly added to the overall dimension of the piece.

So, I am happy to share with you, "My Chinese Mudmen" and the end for today ....

(OK, boys' - strut your stuff!)

Happy day to one and all!
Take care and God bless,
Karen Anne


  1. This is gorgeous, Love the frame.

  2. Thanks Marlene! I am so enjoying working on this piece.

  3. I love the turltle and frog!! Excellent Karen Anne!

  4. I think I spelt turtle wrong in the last post! LOL! Sorry!! I had my beer to early! LOL!

  5. Thanks Stacey, turns out I am working on this way more than the one and a half hours I predicted ... but I am liking the results! Til later ...

  6. Thanks Pam, I am liking where this is going ...


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